Affordable Wedding Services
Simple Weddings..
Get the wow with no ow tm
My love, as gentle as a breeze, as soft as the setting sun.
My feelings as deep as the deepest ocean then soaring to the bluest of skies.
Passion swells my beating breast, for you are my love, my own, the key to my
happiness and on this day and in this place with this ring before all...
                    We will wed.
Every Bride wants her wedding day to be flawless and a unique memory
We make memories, Let us make one for you...  Our weddings are
affordable, worry free, creative and fun. For 2011 we have added more
packages and made it easier than ever to get a gown to wear for
FREE                     OR TO TAKE HOME with you. Ask for details.

Remember: 16 Yes, 16 wedding packages to choose
from as our gift to you for
$600.00 or less that are creative
in lovely locations and beautifully personalized.
You can also have FREE
use one of our wedding gowns with no rental on packages of
 $395.00 or

   Purchase the Wedding gown you wear. Purchase Price is from $50.00 to
depending on the package you select.
*Some limitations apply to the use of wedding gowns,cleaning, alterations,size availability etc.

We  have our own: Classic limousine, bridal car, Boat, Mirrored
Azalea room  reminiscent of a jewel box, Special lighting and many    
venues to match your dreams here and around the world.

We also do affordable receptions and much more
I do: $79.95 A simple walk in  tasteful ceremony for the two of you  
performed on a deck facing the mountains or
$89.95 in the Leland pines
$99.95 in our pleasant butterfly/humming bird garden. Requires a NC
license or split package to use this package. Need License help. It's
just ask your FREE Planner.

Includes: Minister, Ceremony, jpg picture and venue. Extras available.
This Day is our Day: $199.95
Performed in our Jewel box in the Azalea room for a couple wishing to
participate in an impromptu or walk in type wedding that is a tastefully done
simple celebration. Requires a NC License.
Have a Georgia License or no
license talk to our
FREE Planner about it. *We have rental wedding gowns
with this package for picture taking in the
Azalea room only.

Includes: Officiant or minister, ceremony, wedding music, use of a small
bible, jpg photos, Specialty cake and a complimentary sparkling beverage
toast drunk from Silver Toasting Goblets and you can rent a wedding gown
for picture taking in the Azalea Room for
*$25.00 *Restrictions and cleaning fee apply.
 THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS: $399.95 TO $599.95 as shown.

Marry in our Garden at Twilight and enjoy our light show as you marry in
our candle lit and decorated Pergola and garden. Theme color match optional.

Includes: Minister, A special Ceremony from our list of Special Ceremonies,
License Assistance, Vow writing Assistance, Use of a
FREE *Wedding gown,
Special Ministerial Readings, Wedding Music or Music of your choosing.

Unity or Sand or Branch Candles or the Brass Candelabra and
complimentary Sparkling Wine or a Non Alcoholic beverage. Champagne
optional for toasting in Silver Goblets or Antique Long Stem Goblets.

Also 1 night in the Honey Moon Suite followed by a Chef on Call
Oh, did we forget Pictures and Flowers ?
How about a dozen jpg pictures. Prints are available. Also your choice of a
fresh or faux bouquet to use . Your choice of flowers optional.
Soft Summer Love: $429.95
The Water Wedding surrounded by mountains and say your vows on
The Lake Cruiser.
A Private cruise for the two of you.  Very Romantic

Includes: Minister, ceremony, wedding music, use of a small bible or artfully
arranged faux flower bridal bouquet, 8 jpg photos, a Beautiful one tier
wedding specialty cake and a complimentary Bottle of Champagne or
sparkling Wine for the toast by the Captain drunk from crystal stemware to
celebrate your wedding on the lake. For a couple wishing something unique
Wedding gown rental available with this package for pictures in the Azalea

only.*$25.00 *Restrictions and cleaning fee apply.

Optional: Add our exclusive Ritual of the Rose Ceremony from Romantic
Lake Cruises at 50% off, For only
$75.00 and get a balloon release and
Wedding Banner use at no extra charge.
This month only.
Forever Mine: $399.95 to $499.95
THE MOUNTAIN WEDDING Marry on a mountain with beautiful,
breathtaking vistas. You will be taken to a selected mountain where our
Kiss on the Mountain ceremony will be performed for the two
of you.

$399.95 Includes: Bridal Car, Minister or officiant, Kiss on the Mountain
Ceremony, 6 JPG photos, a Specialty cake and Champagne or sparkling wine
for two with crystal glasses for toasting and a memory card to remember
your day. *Rental Wedding gown available with this package for
$25.00 for
use inthe
Azalea room *FREE jpg pictures only *Restrictions and cleaning fees apply.

$499.95 Includes: Limousine Minister or officiant, Ritual of the Rose
Ceremony to supplement your service, Fresh Rose Bouquet or white bridal
Bible, 12 jpg photos.
(Other flower bouquets available.)

Also included : Our Exclusive Bridal Celebration for two.

The bridal celebration is a feast featuring Shrimp Cocktails, and warm or
Cold Poached  Salmon with all the trimmings for just the two of you. It also
includes a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine, Goblets to toast and a
Beautiful one tier Wedding specialty cake and a memory card to
commemorate the occasion. Elegant and tasteful. (Fowl may be substituted
for Seafood)
FREE use of wedding gown for pictures in the Azalea room
*Restrictions and cleaning fees apply.
Today We Are One: $399.95 to $699.95
THE WATER FALL WEDDING Marry at a Waterfall. You will be
taken to a beautiful and unique waterfall where you will be wed.
$399.95 Includes: Bridal Car, Minister or officiant, wedding music, Faux
bouquet or white bridal Bible, 8 jpg photos and a bridal celebration featuring
soft music, Champagne or a sparkling wine a deluxe picnic lunch and of
course your one tier Wedding specialty cake. A memory card is included to
remember your celebration and first meal together as husband and wife.

Includes: A choice of one of  3 Waterfall types, Limousine or Bridal Car,
Minister or officiant, wedding music, Fresh Floral Bouquet from a selection
of flowers or a white bridal Bible with a ministerial inscription, 12 jpg photos
and a bridal celebration for the two of you that others only dream about that
includes an elegant luncheon featuring Chilled Lobster or Salmon with all
the trimmings and a specially selected complimentary Wine drunk from
Silver Goblets for your wedding toast followed by a deluxe one tier Wedding
cake to commemorate your celebration.

You also receive one
FREE nights lodging in our Honeymoon Suite
decorated and with a special newlywed treat for your wedding night and a
Gourmet breakfast in the morning.

Buy more nights up to
7 with your Wedding package and receive a 50%
discount on the nights you purchase in this offer. Your purchase will be good
for lodging up to one year from the buy date at Simple Pleasures.
You also get a FREE lake cruiser sunset cruise on your First anniversary
as a wedding gift for allowing us to share in your wedding.
Once upon a time: $499.95 to $799.95
Marry on a stream. You will be taken to a very special location where
your vows will be made as mountain waters rush around you.

$499.95 Includes: Bridal Car, Minister or officiant, Ceremony, wedding
music, Fresh Floral Bouquet or a white bridal Bible, 8 jpg photos and a bridal
celebration for the two of you in the heart of nature. Feast on Shrimp Balatar
over flavored greens or Cold Poached Salmon with all the trimmings and a
bottle of sparkling wine. Enjoy Vivaldi as you toast each other from Crystal
goblets before sharing your first meal as husband and wife and a beautiful one
tier Wedding specialty cake for dessert.
$799.95 includes: Limousine or Bridal Car, Minister or officiant, wedding
music, Fresh Floral Bouquet from a selection of flowers or a white bridal Bible
with a ministerial inscription, up to 20 jpg photos and a bridal celebration
featuring our Gold setting to make your dinner experience in the candle lit
Azalea room even more unique. Roses ? of course

Your feast shall consist of a bottle of Sparkling Wine for toasting
ollowed by a hearty soup of the day then Beef Bourguignon with
root vegetables and a complimentary Appropriate bottle of wine and
of course your Beautiful one tier Wedding Cake for dessert.
Filet Mignon, Green salad, Baked Potato, Vegetable of the day and a
Complimentary bottle of wine with your Beautiful one tier Wedding
specialty cake for dessert at no additional charge.
The Oceans of Love dinner: Enjoy a variety of Seafood delicacies
from the waters of the world to include:

A cup of home made New England Clam Chowder or a Shrimp Soup with a
Sherry reduction and Home Made Croutons for either Chowder or Soup
followed by a Chilled or steamed Lobster for each of you, Lump Crab Meat,
Mounded Shrimp, Oysters smoked and chopped into a delicious dip. A
seafood salad and a mounded spiced potato with artichoke filling and two
complimentary wines served in Festive glasses with your dinner and your
Beautiful Wedding Cake for dessert

The Oceans of Love dinner can be yours for an additional $50.00
*current up charge.
*Up charge subject to change based on seafood price increases from vendors.
  I Did It My Way
Now you can have the wedding of your dreams virtually anywhere in the world
or here at home. From Elegant to Simple, without stress, and the  exorbitant
cost associated with weddings today. We can offer you over 200 sites in
Georgia alone and more around the country and the world.

Your experienced professional wedding coordinator, will attend to each detail
for you or with you from budgeting, planning, vendors, dinners, parties, the
Wedding, Reception and even the honey moon.

You really can enjoy your wedding and have your dream too. Reasonably
priced for weddings from two to one hundred guests.
Limousine: A classic Decorated Hess/Eisenhart 6 door Bridal Limousine   
$250.00 & $2.50 per mile, $75.00 per hour or portion of an hour wait fee.
First Wait Hour or portion of an hour at first stop only, No Charge.

Luxury Sedan: Decorated  $150.00 & $1.50 per mile, $75.00 wait fee per hour or
portion of an hour. First Wait Hour or portion of an hour at first stop Only. No

Reception jpg photo album Up to 25 candid and staged Images: $75.00, $2.00
additional each shot. Prints Available $5.50 per print 8x10 or $3.95 per print 5x7.

FREE Presentation Album for 50 prints or more. Photos taken by our staff are
as taken and in house minor editing is performed. Extensive Editing and
Airbrushing are available at extra cost.                             
Professional Photography, videography and editing is available at extra cost.

Tiered Wedding cake:      $195.00 per tier. 3 tier Maximum. (FREE topper use.)
Tiered Groom cake.         $100.00 per tier. 2 tier Maximum.
Tiered Groomette cake     $100.00 per tier  2 tier Maximum       
Single Tier Wedding cake $75.00 to $100.00 (FREE topper use)
Slicing Cake Available.     $ Priced upon type and request.
Specialty Cakes.                $ 60.00 ea. or $5.00 per slice x 12 slices
Cake slicing.                      $  6.00 per tier.
Substitutions are permitted. Fresh Floral add $50.00 and up based on flower
selection to all cakes. Wedding cake for Specialty cake in packages permitted.

Wedding Punch $ 20.00 per gallon. (Non Alcoholic)
            * $ 40.00 per gallon (Alcoholic)
Unlimited Soft drinks, Tea and Coffee  $5.00 per guest on site.

*Complimentary Toasting Champagne or sparkling Wine or non alcoholic
restrictions apply to alcohol dispensing and carding is done in accordance with Federal
State and Local requirements.

Music: No charge for pre programmed recorded music we have in our archives.
(Classical or light romance) You may bring your own music
Disc Jockey available for music selection $500.00 and up. Live Music Available
Cost Plus.

We regret that in todays world A Credit card is required and a venue contract is
required. The Renter (you) is responsible for all damages or extra cleaning
required from drink spillage, children etc. We do not accept traveler's Checks,
personal or third party checks. We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash.
Until the money is in our bank and your bank has cleared your payment no
services will be rendered.
               Payment plans are available.
Cold Hors d'oeuvres.
a. Deluxe Vegetable tray with assorted dips or tossed salad.  $ 6.50 per guest
b. Deluxe Domestic Fruit tray.                                                $ 5.50 per guest
c. Deluxe Tropical Fruit tray.                                                  $ 7.50 per guest
d. Deluxe Domestic Cheese tray and crackers.                        $ 8.50 per guest
e. Deluxe Imported Cheese tray and Water Crackers.             $ 11.50per guest
f. Shrimp or Salmonette dip and rounds.                                $ 5.50 per guest
g. Smoked Oyster patt'e.                                                        $ 5.50 per guest
h. Seafood Spread.                                                                 $ 4.00 per guest
i. Caviar  (Romanoff).                                                            $ 8.00 per guest
j. Caviar (Beluga or other choices).                                        $  Market Plus
j. Deluxe Anti pasta with Crostini's.                                       $ 9.50 per guest
k. Deluxe Deli meats: Roast beef, Pastrami, ham, Turkey,              
Corned Beef or Ham and Turkey (Whole Baked).                  $9.50 per guest
Sweet or Savory Tartlets (Variety of Fillings).                        $4.50 per guest
Deluxe Tossed Salad.                                                             $4.50 per guest
Hot offerings
1. Fried Chicken. Assorted  Pieces.                                         $ 8.50 per guest
2. Fried Chicken. Choice of Dark or White Meat.                   $ 9.50 per guest
3. Pork Barbecue. (Shredded and Sauced).                             $ 8.50 per guest
4. Meat Balls. (Choice of Sauce and sold by the sauce)           $ 8.50 per guest
Sweet & Sour, Mushroom, Hot Pepper, Brown sauce.
5. Hot dogs or Hamburgers or Fried Bologna.                        $ 5.50per guest  
6.Vienna Sausage Sauced  ( Available certain Venues).           $ 5.00 per guest
7. Sausage Peppers and Onions  French Bread                        $ 8.50 per guest
8. Spaghetti and Meat balls
or sausage red sauce                  $ 8.50 per guest
Deluxe Hot Offerings
1. Poached Salmon         (Herbed and Sherried)                    $15.50 per guest.
2. Beef Bourguignon      (Traditional French)                        $14.50 per guest.
3. Shrimp Scampi          (Traditional Italian )                        $13.50 per guest  
4. Wedding Loaf (3 Meats, and a surprise)                             $11.50 per guest
5. Fried Chicken Breasts (Marinated and Portioned)              $ 9.50 per guest
6. Steamed Lobster or Crab legs (Cracked or Whole)             $ Market Plus  
7. Lasagna 5 cheese 4 meat by the tray serves 6 to 8               $11.50 per guest

1. Triple Chocolata cake with Fresh Berries (Serves 6-8)      $35.00 each
2. Fresh Strawberries Italia                                                   $ 7.00  per guest
3. Berries Veronique                                                             $ 8.00  per guest
4. Glazed Straw Berry Nests with Fresh Flavored Cream      $10.50 per guest
5.Trifle Choice of 4 each serves 10                                  $55.00 each
( Traditional, Framboise and Berries, Banana Split, Triple Chocolate)
6. Traditional Tiered or sheet Wedding Cakes are available. $35,00 to $750.00
7. Cheese cake assorted flavors serves 12                               $5.00 per guest

Assorted Bread, Rolls, Condiments, ice                          $2.00 per guest
Hot side dishes, potatoes, beans, rice, corn etc.               $ 3.00 each per guest
Standard Settings                                                   No charge std.
Plastic utensils, plates, cups, (1) stem, disposable
table cloths, paper napkins and serving platters furnished.                              
Deluxe Settings (no plastic)
(3) Stemware, Flatware, plates, cups, and Cloth table
cloths, napkins and serving platters furnished                  $4.50 per guest.

Standard event clean up per event.                                    $ 75.00 Minimum
Special food or non alcoholic beverage  requests:              $ Cost Plus.
Other requests. Priced per request as available.                 $ 25.00 Serv/Chg.

Food prices based on the number of guests with a minimum food charge of 10
guests per selection. Corkage fee and Set up glass and ice $3.00 for own provided
beverages per guest. Beer, Red Wine, Liquor regulated by venue
Providing your own Food and Beverages
You may provide your own food, beverages and decorations in keeping
with our policies.
 Wedding License Information
      For the states of Georgia and North Carolina


The information provided here as to licensing is for information only and is not meant to
replace appropriate statutes. For the most accurate information contact the Clerk Of
Courts Office or Probate Judge in the State and County you are attempting to marry in and
be sure to check with your minister to be sure your license is valid. Each State has its
own laws regarding marriage and parties rights please determine which state is right for
you to marry in. The information on this site may be out of date due to fee increases and
legal changes.

We do not advise on marriage or parties rights issues. Consult your Attorney for legal
advice. If you do not have an Attorney For legal advice in the State of Georgia or North
Carolina your
FREE  planner as a FREE complimentary service to you can arrange
an appointment with a Georgia or North Carolina Attorney. The Fee is $150.00 per hour
payable to the Attorney. We recommend that you use your own attorney or an Attorney of
your choice if you feel that you need the services of an attorney.
Use of an Attorney is not
required to purchase a Marriage License or to use Simple Weddings Services or any
other Romantic Lake Cruises service in any of the States we operate in.
If you need
additional information call: 828 389 CALL (2255) for contact information for Clerks of Court
and wedding information. We now have 16 wedding packages under $600.00 and our
Weddings Start at $79.00 for a simple walk in wedding.
We also do receptions and provide
all wedding services.

State of Georgia:

Residency Requirement:

1. If both of you are residents: Of the State of Georgia you may get
your license from any Georgia County Clerk office where you plan
to be married and in most cases the license is valid for use
anywhere in the state of Georgia.

If one of you is a resident: Go to the Town Clerk of the Resident
and you may in most cases use your license anywhere in the

If Neither of you is a resident: You are required to get your license
in the county in which you wish to be married.
The license is valid     
only in the county in which you are going to be married.
Waiting Period:

None, you will receive your license immediately if you apply in person
or within 30 days if your apply by mail.
License Cost:  

Each County can establish its cost for a license. Generally a license
costs  approximately $77.00 in Towns County Ga.
The cost could be higher or lower. Check with County in which you
wish to marry.
Georgia License Expiration Date:
None. A license will not expire once it has been issued.
Blood Tests, Physical Exams, Witnesses:
None Required.
Questions Answered:
Death or Divorce:

You must prove to the Clerk that a death or divorce has taken place. A
certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate is required if
the death or divorce was within the last 6 months. Simple Weddings can
assist you in getting Death and Divorce records. Your
Free Planner has
all the details.

1.18years of age is the required age to marry without
parental consent.

2.Parental Consent forms and a certified copy of a birth
certificate for each minor under the age of 18 is required.

3.The only exception is pregnancy. Pregnancy once
proved and verified by a physician in a written statement
that a minor is pregnant no Parental consent is required
however a minor under the age of 16 can not be married
without a Court order.
In the state of Georgia the following are allowed:

1. Common Law Marriage.

2. Cousin Marriages.

3. Name Changes.
In the State of Georgia the following are NOT allowed:

1. Marriage by Proxy.

2. Same Sex Marriage.
The Following packages have been well received and range from the
simple to the elegant.  
From elopement to the wedding of your
dreams, you can find it here.
All package pricing is based on two
people. Add guests at additional cost per person.
Receptions are
based on a minimum of 10 people. We do weddings up to 100 guests.
State of North Carolina:

Residency Requirement:
Waiting Period:
None. Your license will be issued immediately if you apply in person or
within 30 days if you apply by mail. You can marry once you have the
license without waiting. The license is valid statewide but should be
purchased in the county in which you wish to marry.
License Cost:
$70 to $100 Cash only. (subject to changes without notice by County)
License Expiration Date:
60 days after issuance the license will expire.
Blood Tests and Physical Exams:
Common Questions Answered:

Death or Divorce:
You must prove to the Clerk that a death or divorce has taken place. A
certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate is required if
the death or divorce was within the last 60 days. Simple Weddings can
assist you in getting Death and Divorce records. Your
Free Planner has
all the details.
Age Requirements:
1.18years of age is the required age to marry without
parental consent.

2.Parental Consent forms and a certified copy of a birth
certificate for each minor under the age of 18 is required.

3. A minor under the age of 16 can not be married
without a Court order.
In the State of North Carolina the following are allowed:

1.Name Changes.

2.Cousin Marriages with some exceptions. First cousins may marry but
double first cousins may not marry. Seek Legal advice or contact your

planner for assistance with this issue.

In the State of North Carolina the following are NOT allowed:

1. Common Law Marriages.

2. Proxy Marriages.

3. Same Sex Marriages.
If you require further assistance please call 828 389 2255
and remember we can assist you at every licensing step or requirement as part of our
services at
Simple Weddings including document searches, accompanying you to the Court
House etc.
We take the stress and worry out of your wedding so you can relax and enjoy..
Add more to your special day with....

The Venue

1. Reception Room  A: Up to 10  guests. Use up to 2 Hours.     $200.00
2. Reception Room  B: Up to 50   guests. Use up to 4 Hours.    $850.00
3 .
Reception Room  C: Up to 100 guests. Use up to 4 hours.     $2,500.00&Up
      Additional room time if available at extra cost.
Outdoor Venues   E: Varies by venue.  Use Daylight Hours.  $400.00,up
Venue Rain Tents F:  Up to 10 guests.  Use Daylight Hours.  $125.00 each
Larger Tents Available Limited Locations. (Priced by Size and # of tents)
Reception Room Pricing includes standard event decorations. Deluxe Room
or Theme decorations $ priced by selection.
$300.00 minimum charge.
And then there is the selection afforded by the buffet
Now you can select your own amenities and food choices by selecting only those
things that you want. Put together your package then talk to your  planner who
will assist you in planning your event and make money saving suggestions
and/or providing discounts.
Call 828 389 CALL (2255)
       Your Menu Selections.... Based on 10 guests
                                                                                                       Same Selection
       Settings and Setups...
ABOUT US               CRUISES             LAKE/LAND FUN              LODGING
See your name &
Photo here....
The Elopement  
                      The Wedding Planner
A two part program:
Part One of this program meets the standard for License discounts
in the States of Georgia and North Carolina.
Save Money and
validate your decisions.

Part One.
More than just a party.
1.More than just the party and a Quick I Do
You found the one you love... or did you? Do you even care?

Validate your choice and learn true romance and love with the person for you and not just a
romantic interlude with the attitude of: Hey, If it doesn't work, I can get divorced and do it
again or other stumbling blocks to true success and a loving marriage.

This program explores your relationship, your values your goals and the selection process
you used to find both the spouse of your dreams and a lasting marriage.

It also provides you with the information necessary to operate the business of marriage like
Children, his, hers and the ones to come. In laws and others. This program also gives you
an understanding and tools to handle the 4 deal breakers that every new marriage faces.
The usual problems and how to recognize and handle them before they wreck your

The importance of  finishing School, How to realistically deal with  pregnancy and the I have
got to get married. The clock is ticking dilemma.

Faith: What it is, what it means, why have it? How to have a faith based or other marriage,
and how to deal with the my faith your faith issues.

Learn coping skills or how to polish up your own and that marriage is not a game but that it
has rewards as well as responsibilities if you learn to deal with it on an adult level.

Prenuptial agreements: What they are? Do you need one? And more.

We also answer your questions and try to help with any relationship problems you may
have that would impede your success and a fruitful life together.

Note:  Save Money:$$$ as well as validate your decisions.

Part One of this program is up to 8 hours in duration. Cost:
$150.00 per couple.
The States of Georgia and North Carolina provide a wedding license
discount for proof of course completion.

We give you a signed document to take to the Court House as proof.

Part Two: Let the Memory begin:   
Learn how to choreograph your wedding with a no fail step by step learning process
with professional affordable help or a turn key do it all wedding proposal.

Our Wedding Coordinator will work with you on our programs and introduce you to
the art of the Wedding Game for do it yourself or other vendor weddings to save
you money, time and heart ache. He or She is competent, affordable and

Remember: This is your dream and your day. Its what you have been waiting for and
now its time to plan and carry out the day of your dreams and your hopes. If this is
your first or not your first wedding it doesn't matter.

You have a lot to give and happiness or failure is in your hands and your future.
It is
either New or New beginnings and the future is yours to choose. Choose Well, do
your part and succeed. Work together, Love Together and be true to your Wedding
Vows and to each other.

We can offer our Success Services several ways as follows:

1. We offer Planning, Our wedding clients can use our services on any of our packages or
any package you create with us to make your day a Memory. A Wedding Coordinator for
assistance is available at an affordable cost for turnkey or worry free weddings.

2. We never forget that it's your wedding. When we work with you we do our best
when creating your wedding to help you get what you want at affordable prices
through us and our select vendors as necessary. From Invitations to I Do, Thank you
notes and even Honeymoons anywhere in the world or right here at home.

3. Using another vendor for your wedding? Not a problem we offer form completion,
License assistance, Vendor contract analysis and/or contract preparation to help
you with the details of your wedding.

4.Use our services to supplement your wedding plans. From Venue selection to Food,    
, Reception packages, music, Decoration, Flower Creations, Ministerial and other Marital
services. We can help you in many ways including:
Our exclusive rescue service if
something goes wrong with your do it your self or other vendor wedding.

5.We have resources. Our own classic Limousine, Bridal car, Lodging in our Honey Moon
suite, reception space and more as well as a variety of traditional or exciting  ways to
marry are available through our services

We have contacts. We can  arrange professional  Photography, Videography,
Sound Recordings and more to make your day a memory that will give you a life time of

7. We handle the puzzles, the emotional  upheaval, and the self imposed stress. We can
help you select your theme Your colors, The wedding dress and  the Tuxedos and
attendant etc., attire. We also  help with the dressing if necessary and can even arrange a
package of pamper services including  spa,  make up, nails, hair removal and a fabulous
look at me hair do so that you are relaxed and drop dead gorgeous or leading man
handsome on your day.
 We also carry our famous Bride and Groom kit to keep you both
calm and relaxed so you can enjoy your wedding day with our on site services.

6.  We can provide the professionals from Minister to professional theater make up
artists who will stay with you to do touch ups throughout the day and more. Or you can
use local or regional professionals or people you are comfortable with to do your hair,
make up, nails, waxing etc. to look your best.
We also can advise you as to value to
benefit as relates to your budget.

7 We will do as much or little as you want us to do. From Turnkey to parts like your
invitations, guest seating, Bar selections, Labor  and set up, The dance floor, the rain
tents. Details, Details, Details. Its all in the details.

8. It's a long way from proposal to I do. You have the fun and we take care of the rest
like establishing or managing the budget and staying within your wishes, changes and
more to personalize your wedding.
REMEMBER, it is your wedding.

Our Promise: We will provide competent, experienced professional help. We will  do
our best to provide Stress Free Weddings and other wedding services for all the services
we provide to make your day more than just special....

Instead of  just a Special day... Make a Memory that lasts forever
We make memories... Let us make one for you!
Life is a collection of memories... Let us make one for you with an
elegant or simple traditional wedding package or the creative custom wedding
of your choice in a variety of beautiful locations from Waterfalls to Boat
Weddings on a scenic, beautiful lake surrounded by mountains or on a
wooded path or meadow, a gentle stream or at the top of a mountain or in a
variety of indoor settings including our:
Azalea room Surrounded by mirrors and              for 2011:

Be a star with staged lighting to bring out the best of you both as you stand on a
stage with exotic or complimentary light.
Great for picture taking. $50.00  
For 2011

We have added more Budget Friendly Wedding Packages
We now offer 16 Wedding packages for under      

  The French Experience: Married before ? How about this!
Marry on a bed filled with fresh  rose petals ad more. Be Adventurous,
Enjoy your wedding.
We make weddings affordable, creative and fun.
Ask your Wedding Coordinator about this exclusive Simple Weddings
$895.00 Simply unbelievable for the second + time around.

Minister, Faux bouquet to use, 3 days and 2 nights in the
Honey Moon suite and a water fall day trip with a gourmet lunch on the
rocks or 1 Sunset Cruise on the Lake and 1 dinner by limousine or an I
Love you dinner in the
Marry under the stars with soft music, dinner, low lighting, the lake and
your Love to keep you warm.
Pamper Plus: Lets talk about it. $595.00