On  The Water
For when you should have, could have, would have but
Okay, so you forgot an Anniversary, Birthday, or some other special
occasion such as the first time you said I love you which is now the
special memory day in your lives to be celebrated etc. Now what ?

Or you really did it this time or the relationship needs a push and you
know saying I'm sorry or I love you one more time is a
"been there
done that"
Are you in need of some help or maybe you are just too
work weary or tired to think about it all and time is or has run out.

We can help. Give us the problem and We'll give you instant
Romance  or Fun with virtually no notice most of the time.

OOPS services were created and we specialize in a variety of things to
do when you forget that important date or remember at the last
minute or knowing that if you don't come up with something good you
are about to create the next earthquake in your lives or really, really
disappoint someone you love.
Why have an avoidable problem ?

OOPS services require NO PLANNING yet look as if you planned for
Sneaky ? NO, Dishonest ? NO, Just human. We all forget
something important sometimes or simply can't deal with one more
thing to do which is why
Romantic Lake Cruises created OOPS.
OOPS services can save hurt feelings and promotes improves or
maintains your relationship.
Think about it, you like to be remembered
and feel special and not have hurt feelings and so does everyone else.

Call Now 828 389 CALL (2255) .Its Simple with our one call does it all
and you get the credit and enjoy the benefits of all your "hard
work" to make this day special. .
                         Our offerings include

1. Bail Me Out Birthday
2. My Anniversary is Now
3. Now or Never Proposal
4. Marry Me Now
5. Give Me Romance
6. Oh Man (For when you've really done it this time)
7. Make Me Look Good Cheap and Quick
1. Bail Me Out Birthday Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Birthday or Specialty Cake. Bimini Frothy,
Coffee,Teaor Complimentary Champagne, Birthday hat, 6 Jpg photo
album,Soft Jazz Music, Captain's Toast, Flowers and Decorations.
2. My Anniversary is Now Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Specialty Cake, The Ritual of the Rose
Ceremony, Complimentary Champagne, Captain's Toast, 6 jpg
photo album, Music, Flowers and Decorations.
3. NOW OR NEVER PROPOSAL Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Music,Yum Berries, The Circle of Love Ritual,
Complimentary Champagne, Captain's Toast, 6 jpg photo album,
Flowers, Decorations and Scenario writing and staging.
4. *Marry Me Now * Requires Marriage license or a symbolic wedding will be performed. Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Music, Marriage Certificate, Specialty Cake,
Minister, Wedding Music, Pledge of Love Ceremony, complimentary
Champagne, Captain's Toast, 6 jpg photo album and best of all:
A FREE cruise on your first anniversary aboard the Lake Chatuge
Love Boat,
The Rendezvous, by Romantic Lake Cruises.
5. GIVE ME ROMANCE  Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Romantic Music, Complimentary bottle
of wine, 6 jpg photo album, I love you dinner, Candle light Dessert
and a recitation of Love to set the mood
6. Oh Man Price: $395.00
Includes: Memory Card, Your Favorite Music, Complimentary
Bottle of  Sparkling Wine, 6 jpg photo album, Chocolate, Chocolate
and more Chocolate covered with Chocolate and a lot more for the
Ultimate forgiveness when you really blew it.
7. Make Me Look Good Cheap and Quick... Price: $195.00
Includes: Music, complimentary glass of wine, 6 jpg photo album
and a
*one hour cruise around the lake.
All packages include a two hour cruise except :* # 7.
1 hour Make Me Look Good Package as shown *$195.00
*All OOPs Services are taxed @ 7% except lodging which is 10%
Available Options with Your Cruise Selection start at:
1. Limousine:                  $150.00            10. Celebration Pkg. $  50.00
2. Flowers:                      $25.00              11. Memory Card:     $ 25.00
3. Roses: per/dozen:       $45.00
             12. Bubble Machine: $35.00
4. Specialty Cake:          $25.00              13. Fog Machine:       $50.00     
5. Picnic on the Lake     $50.00
          14. Balloon Release:  $15.00   
6. 1 Mountain Bkfst:      $30.00              15. Private Yacht       $75.00
7. 1 Limousine Bkfst.      $50.00                     (
no other passengers)      
8. 1 Lunch for two:         $25.00
9. 1 Dinner for two:        $150.00                    
10. Silver Goblet use       $ 10.00
To Book your OOPS package with us please call: 828 389 CALL (2255)
Tax added to all services:7%,  Lodging 10%
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